Drop in and create, invent, and explore with a different hands-on project every Wednesday from 3:15-4:30. Check the library website for the project schedule.

May 10 – IMake Invisible Ink
Write secret messages using invisible ink and explore how different types of invisible ink work.
Topics: Chemical reactions, Light, Thermodynamics

May 17 – IMake Kaleidoscopes
Design your own kaleidoscope and explore light, reflections, and symmetry!
Topics: Mirrors, Reflection

May 24 – IMake LEGO Robots
Build and program your own LEGO WeDo robot using Lego bricks, motors, and sensors.
Topics: Robotics, Programming, Technology, Engineering

May 31 – IMake Glow-in-the-Dark Chalk
Create your own glow-in-the-dark chalk to take home just in time for summer vacation! Learn and observe how glow-in-the-dark properties work. Topics: Luminescence, Energy, Chemical reactions

June 7 – IMake Buttons
Design your own button using our button maker. Draw, use a slogan, or cut out pictures and make them into buttons to wear. We’ll also have a selection of books and magazines available for library or book-related buttons.
Topics: Art, Creativity 

June 14 – IMake Sun Prints
Use photosensitive paper and various objects of your choice to create an art print.
Topics: Chemical reactions, Ultra violet rays

June 21 – IMake Geometric Bubbles
Build 3-dimensional bubble wands to create inverted “tensile” bubbles.
Topics: Geometry, Engineering

June 28 – IMake Confetti Cannons
Design and create a confetti cannon – perfect for celebrating Independence Day!
Topics: Energy, Acceleration